The 7 Highest-Paying Markets for Cyber Security Engineers

The 7 Highest-Paying Markets for Cyber Security Engineers

The professionals of Information Technology are highly demandable in many of the job markets; however, few of the urban zones are better as compared to other ones when we talk about the highest payable salary. This enormous request for the roles of cybersecurity increased around 7.5 percent in the course of the most recent couple of years, this leads to an increase in salaries. In the context of so many high profiles personal data that breaches every other day, the demand for the cyber security certifications and experts is also growing, flying up 7.5 percent from the year of 2019 till 2020. On the other side of the coin, those who are looking for a job are not having an interest in such job positions, it refers to the fact that organizations might require to pay high salaries on account to develop an interest of the most skillful applicants.

Highest-Paying Markets for Cyber Security Engineers

Chief Information Security Officer (C-I-S-O)

Chief – Information – Security – Officer is mainly accountable to provide security to the data and information of an organization; and it all depends on the size of the organization as it is directly linked to high paycheck. As confirmed by the Information Security Institute, some of the exclusive C-I-S-O might attain nearly $510,560, whereas other earns around $100,550, that makes a listing of a median income of $145,650 plus. It is revealed that the median income is $159,899 while it ranges from $145,760 to $306,750.

Another survey demonstrated that $425,770 is the upper-end of the Chief Information Security Officer Salary package in the region of San Francisco. As stated by the Cybersecurity Ventures, a cybersecurity head working for a middle size organization might search for a $166,200-$215,550 income.

Lead Software Security Engineer

It’s defined as such a job that is aimed for the best cybersecurity systems analyst and coder who owns leadership abilities, as stated by Cybersecurity Ventures, which regional income is more than $230,550 even the salary of CISO in few of the companies. In such a scenario, up to dated software skills along with exclusive level soft skills would include up to profitable senior management chance.

Penetration Tester

Those experts who perform this crucial job are also known as “ethical hackers.” A great number of big companies are employing permanent working staff or else 3rd party dealers to gain access to their computer networks with the purpose to identify and become aware of susceptibilities which might be misused by cyber hackers. It is believed that the estimated income for these susceptibility and penetration testers of $113,000 and claims that 23.5 percent of those employing looking for a progressive degree. In a meanwhile, the range of income would be around $13,680 to help with the purpose to discover security flaws in the policies and networks. 

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst achieved a rank of no. 4 in Best Tech Jobs as well as attained no. 40 rank generally by United Stated News and in the World Report, an average income of $96,450. It is labeling that these analysts are determining as “the doorkeepers or security protectors of the info systems” because of their wide-ranging scope of everyday jobs that are associated to prevent, monitor and respond to cyber-attacks and data breaches. United States Bureau of Labor Stats claims a median salary of $97,465, and regions the market of the job for this role is increasing at 33 percent, much quicker as compared to other occupations.

Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

Cybersecurity isn’t only about the technical experts lessening cyber-attack; there’s also a continuous growth of newest and advanced tech resolutions to get vend. Many coders are enjoying coding, though a high salary is a factor that enforces a person to move towards another field. It is claimed that the topmost cybersecurity sales engineers earn a yearly income of around $185,560 to $231,650.

Cybersecurity Architect

Cybersecurity architect or information security expert is earning an approximated salary of $151,820, as confirmed by the Information Security Institute. However, it is describing the role to perform senior-level work designing organization-wide systems, as well as computer safety architecture. The designer might also supervise information security alertness programs, generate and control strategies, respond, and evaluate security events and administer risk-assessments. It should be noted that 25.7 percent of organizations are employing for that particular position requiring a degree of master.

Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator

It is also recognized as info systems security-managers and info-sec manager – the experts in this job role are earning an estimated income of $127,550 to $220,450. Their task is to find the zones of susceptibility, provide security to protect valued data and information of the company, as well as manage the info systems team.

How Your Business Can Benefit From a Cybersecurity Solution

  • It would safe your business – The topmost benefit is that Info-Tech cyber-security solutions would offer a detailed digital safety to your enterprise.
  • Secure personal information – The topmost valued thing in this digital era is private info. If the virus gets access to the private info of your employees, it is quite able to sell this info or else use this information with the purpose to steal their investments.
  • Enables staff to work securely – If you don’t have optimum level security resolutions for your enterprise, your organization and staff both are at constant risk from cyber threats. 
  • Secure productivity – Viruses would hold up private computers to the edge, and then work on them virtually becomes terrible. 
  • Prevent your site to go down – In case your network is hacked, there are more chances that your site would also shut down. In that case, you would lose your consumer’s trust, as well as your previous transactions too. 

Final Thoughts

An expert who owns progressive skills in the field of cybersecurity is considered to exist in the seller’s market. These are the ones who have the ratio of zero joblessness, whereas organizations and govt. sectors challenging for skilled individuals, and senior-level jobs as they are giving a pay of more than $412,550. That is the outcome of a well-documented cybersecurity ability absence, with forecasts of 3.6M empty designations across the world by the year 2021.

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