Best Internet Providers Based on an Independent Comparison Platform

Internet Providers

An independent comparison platform is a website that provides a free internet service comparison tool. This tool can help you find the best broadband plan that fits your needs. It can also help you learn more about the National Broadband Network (NBN) and its availability in your area. Australian households can transform their online experience for the better through the platform’s effective and independent comparisons. As an example, you can find internet plans with, a reliable internet comparison company based in Melbourne. 

Here are the best internet providers based on their platform:

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broad was founded by Phillip Britt in 2008. It offers 4 personal/household, 5 small businesses, and 4 enterprise internet plans. The monthly cost of the plan ranges from $59.00 to $429. The lowest typical evening speed it offers is 11 Mbps. While the fastest is as high as 1000 Mbps. All Aussie Broadband plans have an unlimited data cap. Aussie Broadband also offers built-in telephony technology as an affordable add-on. It’s best known for its outstanding customer service rating.


Belong was a Telstra subsidiary founded in 2013. It offers low-cost mobile and NBN internet plans. There are 3 NBN plans offered by Belong. These are the Starter, Standard, and Premium Plan.  The monthly cost of these NBN plans ranges from $55.00 to $95.00. The lowest typical evening speed it offers is 30 Mbps, while the fastest is 80 Mbps. All of Belong NBN plans have an unlimited data cap. Belong also offers 2 mobile internet plans. A 10 GB mobile internet plan costs $25.00 per month. While a 40 GB mobile internet plan costs $40.00 per month. Belong is the 1st Australian telco to offer carbon-neutral internet plans.


Dodo was founded in September 2001 and is now owned by Vocus Group. It currently offers two ADSL plans, two mobile broadbands, and three NBN internet plans. Under ADSL connection, dodo’s 10 GB plan costs $20.00 monthly, and its 30 GB plan costs $30.00 monthly. Under mobile broadband connection, a 25 GB plan costs $20.00 monthly, and its 50 GB plan costs $40.00 monthly. Dodo’s 3 NBN plans allow unlimited data caps. A 20 Mbps speed costs $65.00 monthly. A 41 Mbps speed costs $70.00 monthly. An 82 Mbps speed costs $85.00 monthly.


MyRepublic was launched in Australia in 2011. It was owned by a Singaporean communications company. It currently offers 3 unlimited NBN internet plans with prices ranging from $59.00 to $89.00 monthly. The lowest typical evening speed it offers is 25 Mbps. While the fastest is 100 Mbps. MyRepublic is the very first provider of internet plans optimised for gamers. A 100 Mbps premium speed costs $109.00. While 250 Mbps superfast speed costs $119.00.


Optus was founded in 1981 by Paul O’Sullivan. The company was the first to offer 4G wireless internet plans in 2012. Today, they are also the first one to harness the 5G wireless technology. It offers 6 NBN plans – 3 under a standard internet speed of 45 Mbps and 3 under a premium internet speed of 95 Mbps. The only difference between the plans is the Fetch mini and Fetch mighty add-ons. These plans’ prices range from $75.00 to $110.00 monthly. Optus also offers prepaid and 5G mobile broadband internet plans. Under 5G mobile broadband, a 100 GB costs $59.00 monthly, 500 GB costs $65.00 monthly, and a 120 GB costs $79.00 monthly. Last, Optus has 2 5G home broadband internet plan offerings. An 85 Mbps costs $75.00 monthly. While a 214 Mbps costs $90.00 monthly.


Tangerine was founded by the Virgin Group of Companies (UK) in 2013. It holds the title of being Australia’s juiciest NBN provider. This is because they offer the cheapest internet plans in the Australian market. Tangerine offers 3 NBN, 3 wireless home broadband, and 8 mobile SIM internet plans. NBN plan prices range from $49.90 to $74.90 per month. Wireless home broadband plan prices range from $59.90 to $89.90 per month. While mobile Sim plan prices range from $9.00 to $79.00 per month.

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