What Is The Best 12 Volt Battery Charger?

What Is The Best 12 Volt Battery Charger?

Most drivers experience a dead battery at least once in their lifetimes. And it’s always discovered by surprise. They turn the key and get…nothing. Or there’s the dreaded clicking sound when trying to turn the engine over. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how frustrating this can be. So why not equip yourself with a portable 12-volt battery charger? This quick guide can help you learn more about battery chargers and how to find the best one for you.

Best Car Batteries by Brand 

Before we get into battery chargers, let’s think about car batteries for a moment. Why? Because investing in a high-quality battery now can save you money and headaches later. With so many options out there, shopping for the best car batteries can feel a little daunting. Fortunately, you may find some recommendations helpful. 

Duralast is a solid brand offering several types of batteries. It’s wise to consider your driving patterns when you go battery shopping. Duralast’s Proven Tough battery is ideal for commuters in most climates who don’t have extreme power needs. This vibration-resistant battery offers plenty of dependable power – even for starting on those colder-than-average mornings. The Proven Tough model comes with a two-year warranty.  

Drivers who need a little more from their batteries have a couple more options: the Duralast Gold and Platinum models. The Duralast Gold is a heavy-duty model equipped with lead plates for improved power and vibration resistance. Vehicles with more robust electronics – like heated seats or expanded tech – will get excellent power out of the Duralast Gold. This model has a three-year warranty. 

Duralast Platinum batteries offer even more power and durability. These models feature flat-plate Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. As a result, they pack in twice the deep cycle capacity of the Duralast Gold editions. The Platinum is also spill-proof, super resistant to vibration and can mount in multiple positions. Like the Gold, the Platinum carries a three-year warranty. 

How a Battery Charger Works 

Buying the best quality batteries reduces the chances that you’ll need to charge it. But as mentioned before, keeping a charger on hand is a smart idea. Most chargers are 12-volt models and can restore your battery to full power within several hours.  

Normally, your vehicle’s alternator helps the battery maintain charge. But portable battery chargers connect to the battery’s terminals to refresh its power. The charger keeps generating and feeding the depleted battery until its charge has been restored. Depending on your battery and charger type, this can take several hours.  

Portable Chargers Vs. Portable Jump Starters 

Portable battery chargers should not be confused with portable jump starters, which supply a quick power boost to dead batteries. Portable jumpers can be useful if you don’t have a friend willing to jump your vehicle. Portable jumpers also come with a wide range of options and start at around $70. 

Whether you’re shopping for batteries, chargers or anything else, choose a dependable auto parts retailer. Look for a dealer with high-quality products and knowledgeable staff. Tools such as a VIN lookup or make/model/year searches can quickly help you find what you need.  

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