Top 3 Men’s Motorcycle Helmets

Top 3 Men's Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to motorcycle safety, your helmet could be your most valuable asset. Although some states don’t require riders to wear a helmet, wearing one could be the one factor that determines whether you survive a wreck or not. It’s definitely worth devoting plenty of time and effort to exploring the best type of helmet for your riding needs. A great helmet doesn’t have to be expensive, either. There are numerous motorcycle helmets available that can provide excellent protection to your head without breaking the bank. The key is to delve into some product and safety research before you buy.

  • SHOEI RF-SR Helmet

The dual-layer liner on the SHOEI RF-SR helmet is one of the best for absorbing impact. The two upper intake vents help keep you comfortable. It also includes a fog-resistant lens insert. With this helmet, you’re investing more money, but you’re getting exceptional protection in a comfortable, streamlined, great-looking helmet.

  • ILM Full-Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

This ILM helmet offers excellent protection while remaining lightweight. It provides adequate ventilation, yet its streamlined design helps reduce wind noise. It comes with interchangeable clear and tinted visors and a removable neck scarf.

  • Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

If you’re looking for great value for an excellent helmet, the Biltwell Lane Splitter may be the ideal option for you. The sturdiness of this helmet will keep your head well protected, and you’ll look stylish to boot.

How Durable Are SHOEI Motorcycle Helmets

SHOEI has been one of the most trusted brands of women’s and men’s motorcycle helmets for years. Whatever SHOEI product you purchase, you can be sure that you’re investing in high-quality, durable safety gear. Utilizing a meticulous, handmade process, each helmet is made with advanced materials that keep them ultra-safe yet comfortable and lightweight. Layers of fiberglass, organic fibers and resin are interwoven, giving the helmet plenty of strength and elasticity. Each helmet must pass various tests for its shell’s hardness and elasticity and its shock-absorbing EPS liner.

How To Find the Right Fitting Motorcycle Jacket 

Your motorcycle jacket protects you from the elements, abrasion and impacts, so it’s an essential part of your riding gear. It must fit properly to protect you the way it should. Unlike street jackets, motorcycle jackets need to be equipped not only for your body, in general but for your riding style. First, you need to choose a specific style jacket (e.g., American, European or Race fit) that accommodates your riding habits (e.g., style of riding and type of weather you’re likely to encounter) and your protection needs. When you try on a jacket, you’ll need to sit on your bike in your normal riding position. Make sure that the jacket is snug but is still flexible enough to move with you. You should always be able to reach the handgrips and turn and lean freely. The armor should remain over your elbows and shoulders, whatever your movement.

When you’re ready to shop for your next piece of riding gear, search online for a reputable retailer of your favorite brands. You’re sure to find exactly what you want, from helmets to men’s and women’s motorcycle jackets to boots and all types of accessories.

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